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Smart Duoshade[Smart Zebra(Combi) Blind]

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Smart Duoshade[Smart Zebra(Combi) Blind]

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Smart Duoshade(Smart Zebra(Combi) Blind)

Special Function of Smart Duoshade

  • Additional smart function: lower part is closed when upper part is open
  • Design function: lower part is covered more than the upper part, while the whole part is open
  • Design function: the light of the lower part is blocked more than that of the upper part, while the whole part is closed
  • Design function: front solids are wider and simpler than those of general duoshadewhile being rolled up

Special Effect of Smart Duoshade

When looking from the outside to inside or while enjoying time indoors, the upper part can be open while the lower part is closed

  • Protection of privacy and living space by closing lower part when looking outside
  • Prevention of discoloration and life shortening of carpet, furniture, artworks and etc. by the blockage of light
  • Energy saving by environmental friendly method of heat insulation of light and shade formation
  • Provides stability in the lower floor of a building, and also in the higher floor causes dizziness by closing the lower part
  • Comfortable interior atmosphere by the soft light filtered in through the closed lower part
  • Protection of the eyesight and improving of concentration by light blockage of closed lower part, helps filter in through closed lower part even while reading a book, when the upper part is open, you can also comfortably work on the computer and watch TV
  • Looking outside is easy on the eyes even while you dry laundry on drying rack by the closed lower part
  • Providing clean interior atmosphere by blocking the mess in balcony, safety stainless steel pipe fence and the inattentive surroundings by closing lower part

When looking from outside to inside or doing indoor activities, you have the ability to open the whole part

  • Making a stable interior atmosphere by the design structure when the lower part is covered more than the upper part, while the whole part is open

When doing activites indoors, you can partially close or fully close

  • Improves light blockage effect than general duo shade

When looking from the inside to outside, the shade's upper part is open while the lower part is closed

  • Providing beautiful exterior appearance, while the interior is protected. The interior space still stays private even when opening the upper part
  • Protecting indoor exposure from the outside. Space and privacy still exists even when it is bright inside, while opening the upper part at night

1) Composition : 100% polyester
2) Width : 2.8 m
3) Range : Long, Middle, Short size (Length L>=250cm, M.>=200cm, S>=150 cm)
4) Fabric : Smart Zelkova, Smart Arcadia, Smart Comforts, Smart Birch, Smart Birch Plain, Smart Rosetta, Smart Pola, Smart Millet, Smart Anna(B/O)

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